Are Black Museums an Endangered Species?

D GoldwireMy name is Donteya Goldwire and personally I believe Black museums are an endangered species. If you were to ask many young kids today not many would be able to name a Black museums. Many adults aren’t able to take kids to Black museums because either they’re closed or they don’t know anything about them.  Another reason why I believe Black museums are endangered is because I don’t see people taking good care of them. Lots of times people may not know how to take care of something. Take the Kiah House Museum for example. The Kiah is no longer in good shape. No one was able to keep the museum together. After Virginia Kiah’s passing the house museum wasn’t kept together. I have a feeling that another reason the house wasn’t kept in good shape was because they made no profit from it. The Kiah House Museum was free because she wanted a museum that everyone could go to. No one was around for long enough to keep the Kiah House running. One more reason I feel that black museums suffer is because of the education system. Growing up I remember taking trips to museums but never once a museum that was dedicated all to the Black experience. Our connection to black history nonexistent unless it was Black History Month and even then teachers found a way to link to other cultures or we talked about the same three to four people. Never once in the education system would a child stumble upon a class about black history or take a trip to a black museum. This is why I believe black museums are an endangered species.

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