Museum Anthropologist Studying Black Museums

Jane SosaI am Jane Sosa. Anthropology is the study of humanity. A distinctive characteristic of museum anthropology is that it cross-cuts anthropology’s sub-fields: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology. Some museum anthropologists work full or part-time in museum contexts while others are anthropologists (employed in diverse settings) interested in studying museums as social institutions in cultural and historical context. To me being a museum anthropologist specifically studying Black museums is an absolute honor. Digging deep into the rich history of African American people is quite interesting. You have to be patient and skilled in order to map out a race’s history sort of like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Your research is your foundation to your project although certain information may not be easy to find you have to utilize different strategies/approaches. Museum anthropologist are meticulous in their studies and recordings of data. Museum anthropologists seek to better understand the contexts, histories and biographies that shaped both the field and the collections that contemporary curator’s steward.

Literature Cited

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