What It Means To Me To Be A Museum Anthropologist

Mia TurnerI am Mia Turner. As a person of mixed race, I grew up with race being a frequently brought up topic. It was as if my whole life surrounded being of both Black and White descent. With multiple races and cultures as a common factor of my everyday life, studying anything regarding the history of my people has remained important to me. As a museum anthropologist focusing primarily on Black museums, I have the opportunity to explore race as a whole and attempt to preserve its rich culture over time through the collections that these museums manage.

The main objective of both museums and anthropologists is to study and preserve specific aspects of culture in the past and up until today. But why work so hard on a daily basis trying to save art and artifacts if the findings aren’t shared with the public? Hosea 4:6 of the Holy Bible states, “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge.” I believe my true role as a Black museum anthropologist is to educate our country’s citizens of the importance of freedom in America. The Black race as a whole has faced adversities since the dawn of the United States as a nation and my job is to preserve the experiences and hardships of the oppressed and those who lived through these struggles.

African American culture should never be forgotten, but learned from as a reference for the future. The experience of Blacks as a people throughout our nation’s history is our job to preserve and the main reason for my work as an anthropologist.

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