Founder and CEO




Greetings from the CFSAADMC Founder and CEO


While at times the scope of our work seems daunting, I am always reassured that what we need will be provided. We now have a team that believes strongly in the work we are doing, and we look forward to 2017 strengthening both the work and our reach. For us it is clear-the wellbeing and future of African American museums is at stake, and, by extension, so are our communities that are served by these keepers of the culture. As a research institute for African Diaspora museum anthropology we stand at the forefront of a movement to energize the next generation to care about and to care for Black museums worldwide and it starts with the core work we have begun on the museum pioneers who were part of the first network of “Blacks in Museums”.

I issue a challenge for all of us to remember our new youth chapter the Hu-Man and the other departments of the CFSAADMC. We will need your support more than ever before. Please consider a special donation for one, or all of our projects. Become a more active volunteer. We need research assistants, development specialist, social media experts, ect. Whatever you do we can use you.

In 2017 we are planning three major ventures surrounding our core research of the 1983 Blacks in Museums Directory: (1) we sent out a call for papers to announce the publication of the Blacks in Museums Special Edition which will be co-edited by me, our archivist Sauda Mitchell; and Amber Johnson of the Asa Gordon Library at Savannah State University, (2) A proposal was sent for a panel session at the AAAM Annual Meeting hosted by the Smithsonian Institution’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture and a Steering Committee is being formed to prepare for a reception with Morgan State University Office of Museums honoring participants in memoriam for deceased museum pioneers along with a book signing for the Special Edition Directory during the July 31-August 3rd meeting in Washington, DC; (3) On September 9, 2017 Hudson Hill Golden Age Quilters along with the Friends of the Kiah Museum and the Hue-Man will continue to tradition for the Kiah Museum Day of Remembrance and W.W. Law Historic Preservation. The Kiah and Law African American Quilt Heritage Days and Exhibition in Savannah will span the entire weekend of September 9th. And, we will continue to partner with local organizations to provide relevant and educational public programming.

Please consider donating, whatever amount you can to our 2017 campaign. You can mail a check to CFSAADMC: P.O. Box 5261, Savannah Georgia, 31414. You can also look for the new website and Go Fund Me page we will launch in February. Thank you for your support.


Researching Black Museums Worldwide

Kind Regards,






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