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CFSAADMC: Research Institute for African Diaspora Museum Studies

Black Museums Matter: Researching Black Museums Worldwide Challenge


“I have never been in the planning seat for our family reunion. But I have always wanted to be. For this effort I have literally been on the outside looking in. When Dr. Dorothy Height and the National Council of Negro Women conceptualized the African American Family Reunion it was so successful I knew that there were thousands who were in the same situation as I am: wanting to find family and celebrate when you do”.

“The moment I put my hands on the different directories with listings of Black museums I knew that an opportunity was presenting itself”.   -Dr. Deborah Johnson- Simon

The following areas have been identified as research committee areas to find our African Diaspora museum family members and extend an invitation to the family reunion.

Museum Africa

  • Conduct research for museums in Africa focused on the African peoples experiences of the Diaspora and to identify the museum professionals who have been the pioneers of this movement.


President Barack Obama (L) looks at a photo with Antoinette Sithole, Sister of Hector Pieterson, at the Hector Peierton Museum in Soweto , South Africa August 23, 2006. (Siphiwe Sibeko/Courtesy Reuters)


African Diaspora

  • Conduct research for museums in the African Diaspora. Identify historically significant buildings and sites throughout the countries associated with the African Diaspora. Identify the museum professionals who have been the pioneers of this movement.


Garifuna Museum, Dangriga Belize, Central America Gulisi Garfifuna Muesum in Dangriga, Stann Creek, Beleize (Photo Credit:….)

United States, 1983

  • Develop a coordinated strategy to determine the whereabouts of the participants in the 1983 Blacks in Museums Directory produced by the African American Museum Association. 


The DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago, IL

United States Historically Black Colleges and Universities, (HBCU’s)

  • Revisit the early research conducted by Professor Harold Cureau of Southern University on museums and art galleries at HBCU’s


CFSAADMC Children’s book publication on visiting the James E. Lewis Museum of Art located at Morgan State University

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