African Diaspora Children’s Museum of Anthropology


Black Museums Matter: The Children’s Museum Challenge

Take a moment with me and think back to the first time you visited a Black museum, heard about anthropology. Heard about the African Diaspora, or visited a children’s museum that had some exhibition space that told your story as a person of color? If never is the answer to any of these questions I hope you will agree with me that it’s time to correct this situation.


One of the main goals of the CFSAADMC is the creation of the African Diaspora Children’s Museum of Anthropology. A brick and mortar facility is the ideal but the initial actions will center on the creation of traveling museum trunks that will address the issues set forth. While researching Black museums Dr. Deborah Johnson-Simon, a museum anthropologist realized that there is only one African American children’s museum in the United States. That museum is the Bronzeville Children’s Museum in Chicago Illinois. She also realized that many of the people of African Decent who live in communities served by Black museums are not familiar with or have had an opportunity to visit these museums.


ADCMA will provide exhibitions and programs for all children in ah educational and entertaining format. Through contemporary technology and hands-on approach to learning, visitors experience the African Diaspora utilizing the four sub-fields of anthropology (Archaeology, Biological/Physical, Cultural and Linguistic) to understand values and traditions, in a manner that inspires an increased interest in peoples of the African Diaspora.


The ADCMA is a non-profit institution being created to collect, exhibit and conserve artifacts relating to the African Diaspora, to conduct anthropological research and disseminate knowledge of the Peoples of Africa in the Diaspora through its in-house and outreach programs designed for children.

Our Goal

To be the premier center to experience and learn about the African Diaspora and Blacks in Anthropology in an educational and interactive format especially designed for children and families.

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